Our School

Stouffville Martial Arts Academy is the latest school to join the Robinson's Karate Schools family that has been providing martial arts training since 1991. With over one-thousand-five-hundred members and growing, our family of schools continues to lead the martial arts industry with friendly, innovative, personalized and practical instructions. As a pre-approved vendor for York Region District School Board, our organization must set the highest standards of integrity, understanding and have the ability to meet the needs of today's youth. We strive to over-service all of our members' needs through communication and delivery of our award winning programs. Parents can watch their children`s progress in our comfortable waiting area, enjoy a cup of coffee or run some errands at the close by grocery shops.

Stouffville Martial Arts Academy has the newest equipment and training gear. Tatami mats that are also used in the Olympics provide a safe and clean environment for all of our students. Our equipment is specially designed for karate and jiu-jitsu training and is state-of-the-art. We try to convey the message that while self-defense training is physically and emotionally beneficial, having the confidence not to fight is more important. Our school's philosophy does not stop there. An atmosphere of respect for one another is of utmost importance and is practised daily whether it is in drill training, bowing in and out of class, or to each other. We teach students to treat others with the same respect they would like to be treated with.

Students are required to neatly place their shoes and coats on the racks at the front of the school. Shoes are not allowed on the mat area. They may then go to their respective change rooms or onto the mat area, provided they are wearing their gi. Gis should be kept neat and clean. During the summer, t-shirts may be worn instead of gi tops. Only Stouffville Martial Arts Academy t-shirts will be allowed. Please remember this is your school and it should be kept as neat and clean as possible for everyone to enjoy.