At Stouffville Martial Arts Academy teaching karate and jiu-jitsu is only part of our program. The physical aspects of self-defense help define the person on the outside, and we also strive to develop the person on the inside. Our Black Belt Club students are dedicated to achieving their black belts and continue their martial arts journey. Each class begins with a bow, reciting the student creed and a message of the week. The class ends with reciting the black belt principals and a bow. Our programs offer something for the whole family.

Our students are continually evaluated on their progress through tip checks and grading. Once a certain number of classes are achieved (each belt level has a different required number of classes) the student will receive a tip provided they know their respective katas and have the Student Creed attitude. Each student is eligible for their next belt once they have received three tips. Students with a red belt are required to attend our Boot Camp Saturday mornings to prepare them for their black belt grading. The black belt Power Weekend tests each student's drive, determination and character as well as their knowledge. It is challenging, enjoyable and very rewarding. The black belt achievers are recognized for their efforts by participating in the Black Belt Spectacular held twice a year.

Success happens when opportunity meets preparation.