Karate is our founding program, specifically kempo. Students are taught punches, kicks and blocks and also fluidity of movement, flexibility, endurance, strength and co-ordination. Repetitive movements help with reflexes and speed. This program is for students over the age of five. A combination of ancient Japanese styles, combined with modernized western karate prove to be a perfect form for self-defense. The classes are broken down into cardiovascular exercise, stretching, bag work, katas (movement without an opponent) self-defense techniques and non-contact point sparring (the latter being optional). Whether it is self defense or physical conditioning, our karate program has something for everyone. All of our students are assessed on a regular basis to ensure they are progressing towards their goals and we are meeting their needs. Some yellow and orange belts that have started sparring are required to attend at least one A and one B class. The karate program entitles students over twelve years old to participate in the MMA classes.