Ninja-Tots program is specifically designed for the youngsters, ages 3 to 5. This program is fun and fast paced so our students are not distracted because of their shorter attention spans. They are challenged physically but within their limits. The classes are designed so the children benefit from the social interaction with their peers, develop life skills, and character building through rewards and recognition. Cardio, stretching, balance, co-ordination of movement, bag work and self-defense form the basis of our Ninja-Tot program. Some of these lessons are practised by playing games. The instructors teach patience and tolerance as they lead by example. Respect, discipline and control are fundamentals taught in every class. Karate is to be practised in the dojo and not in the schoolyard. Goal setting is important for these youngsters, since it keeps them focused and willing to learn. Our students may work in groups so they can support and encourage each other. The instructors monitor and discussed our student's progress to ensure their goals are being met. Once the student's progress from Ninja-Tots they can enroll in our karate or RGDA jiu-jitsu programs, or both.